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What’s New in Electronics Live confirms 2018 show dates.
25th – 26th September at The NEC, Birmingham.
Co-locating with Sensors & Instrumentation, PPMA and The TCT Show


The Library


32kHz Design for Lower Power Applications

Geyer Quartz Technology

Reducing Power Consumption for 32kHz Quartz Crystal Oscillator Circuit   Abstract   The intent of this investigation is to show the advantages of 32kHz crystals with reduced CL and lower ESR over conventional 32kHz crystals with regard to power consumption, oscillation allowance, starting time and drive level. The following draft confirms the advantage of the use of […]


Comparison of a Crystal Oscillator to a MEMS Oscillator – Crystal vs MEMS – Oscillator Performance

Geyer Electronic

Comparison of a Crystal Oscillator to a MEMS Oscillator Crystal vs MEMS – Oscillator Performance Abstract The Selection of an oscillator for electronic devices and communications system equipment is a major factor affecting system performance.  In this application note, we have measured and will compare two different types of oscillators: 1. A fundamental Quartz Crystal oscillator and […]

External Article

WNIE interviews Dynamic EMS Regional Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider, who Keeps its Customers Close

Dynamic EMS

Recently, we read about the successful and transformational year that Dynamic EMS have experienced within their Financial Year Report.  So, what is the secret to their success, in a geography that other EMS companies are exiting or failing to deliver within? In this interview, WNIE, speaks to John Dignan, Managing Director, Dynamic EMS about their […]