EMC UK 2017

 EMC UK Expo & Training

With a dedicated area within the WNIE floorplan, EMC UK offers a mix of companies with solutions and products for the compliance and testing sectors. In addition to the stand holders there will be a separate high level paid for conference taking place in the facilities alongside the Expo.


Topics include everything you need to know about EMC compliance tests, EMC pre-compliance testing, Cabling practices for EMC, Shielding, Filtering & suppression, PCB layout for EMC, click here to book your seat.


EMC Technology is relevant to ALL industries, it can affect every piece of Electronic & Electrical Equipment, and it can seriously affect the design cycle, delay production and time to market.  In short it can cost money and reduce profits.


Keep up to date with the new directives, components, test techniques, test equipment and latest EMC Modelling software.