Mr. Lindsay O’Regan, to take to the stage as guest speaker at this year’s Innovation Forum, WNIE Live


Thought-leaders, manufacturers, and suppliers from up and down the electronics production life-cycle and supply chain are all coming together for What’s New in Electronics Innovations Forum – The inaugural event is to debate “Open Innovation as a New idea, Device or Method.”  Driving towards 2020, what does innovation mean to you and your business?

WNIE are delighted to welcome their latest guest speaker who will take this question and turn it into a conversational piece, Mr. Lindsay O’Regan, Business Development Manager, UK & Ireland, Flex.

flextronicsMr. O’Regan’s presentation will explore the process of turning concepts into reality and taking them to volume production or as Flex refers to it, Sketch to Scale™. Mr O’Regan will also consider an effective approach for innovators to make themselves attractive to potential manufacturing partners

Flex helps organisations to gain a competitive advantage with its Sketch-to- Scale TM capabilities — from concepting and prototyping to engineering and advanced manufacturing to reverse logistics. its goal is to accelerate innovation by leveraging core technologies across industries to build and scale products into the market through an optimized supply chain, improving visibility and velocity.

At Flex, Mr’ O’Regan’s team stay abreast of trends that impact product development, manufacturing and the supply chain and are engaged in exciting, innovative new technologies that have a major impact on manufacturing and fulfillment throughout the electronics industry.


About Innovations Forum – What’s New in Electronics


This will be our inaugural Innovations Forum at What’s New in Electronics Live (WNIE).


Our Innovations Forum will bring electronics industry professionals together from up and down the supply chain to discuss “Open Innovation as a New idea, Device or Method.”  Driving towards 2020, what does innovation mean to you and your business?  We will focus on the key strengths of the U.K, with the forum’s main aim to transfer knowledge and improve competitiveness.

The forum will bring together five key industry professionals, who will give a concise innovation technology focused presentation.


We will invite key media to cover our dedicated Innovations Forum, to be held May 10, 2017, at 10:00 – 12:00noon with refreshments being served.

Seats are filling up fast for audience participation, therefore please register: What’s New in Electronics Live 2017


About Lindsay O’Regan

A career salesman with over 30 years’ experience of selling a wide range of products and services, Lindsay joined the Electronics Manufacturing Services sector for the first time in 1998. After a spell in Operations, he has moved once again into business development, and now concentrates on supporting innovators of all sizes, but mostly with new companies. Concentrating primarily on the Cambridge area, his role is to help them bring more products to market more quickly, and in a more competitive state.

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