Stantronic Instruments announces the New Huntron Access RF Prober for Fault Diagnosis on RF Boards – See them at WNIE LIVE in May

Huntron has introduced the new Huntron Access RF probing station to its product line up. The Huntron Access RF provides reliable and repeatable Near Field measurements of RF signals.


“The Access RF prober applies precise mechanical automation to proven manual RF measurement practices,” said Brad Grams, President of Huntron Inc. “Using Near Field measurement techniques, we are able to robotically place the Antenna (probe) in the exact position and consistently measure expected values. This method provides more accurate information which is free from the deviations experienced when using manual probing.”


By combining a Huntron Access Prober, Huntron Workstation software, a Keysight Spectrum Analyzer and Langer Near Field probes, it is possible to precisely measure several points on the signal path. Using the Huntron Workstation software, Virtual Test Points (VTPs) are established on the circuit board as measurement locations. Once the VTPs are set and the circuit board is correctly stimulated, the Huntron Access RF will drive, measure and process the data for review. The Huntron Access RF will provide a minimum 10:1 improvement in throughput over manual probing.


As density and complexity increase, PCB assemblies become more difficult for standardised equipment to probe and test. Huntron complements conventional equipment with access and test tools that catch the elusive problems other methods often miss. The keys are physical and virtual access, which translate into meaningful results such as shorter design cycles, improved production yields and lower warranty repair costs.


Stantronic Instruments will be demonstrating a Huntron Access Prober and a manual 3200S Tracker on stand 224 at the WNIE Live Show.

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