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What’s New in Electronics Open House:

Aegis Open House

DATE: Mon 26th October 2020


Smart-Factory Best Practice – A webinar series about MES


Knowledge & Innovation are the World’s Best Assets—Now More than Ever

We are dealing with a challenging time, together. Some factories are idling, some are overloaded, others are racing to change the type of products they are building. In this environment, Aegis wants to help you, by increasing its free technical & educational webinar series about MES (Manufacturing Execution System), for those contemplating ways to either adapt rapidly now, or, to make a strategic change to make things better after we all successfully emerge from the current situation. Our mission is to help guide you towards digital manufacturing “best practices” with information enables you to differentiate your operation, both now and in the future.

Watch our video above introducing the series and all MES topics: from traceability and quality to manufacturing intelligence, through AR and lean supply chain, and lots more. 

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