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DATE: Mon 15th June 2020

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INGUN is a pioneer of 5G: High frequency test technology Made in Germany

INGUN plays a major role in the expansion of 5G: The reliable transmission of high-frequency signals and large amounts of data requires powerful test equipment for reliable, efficient contacting of electronic components.

5G, the fifth generation mobile communications standard, will shape the third decade of the 21st cen- tury: Numerous countries around the world have begun the technical implementation and the devel- opment of the infrastructure; the first devices equipped for 5G and data tariffs are already available. However, 5G will not only improve the user experience on PCs and smartphones; it also forms the ba- sis for the further evolution of the automobile manufacture and industry – a higher degree of network- ing is emerging, connecting different aspects of life and enabling new digital business models.

Partner for Future Technology

As the world’s leading company for testing technology, INGUN is the backbone of 5G future technology: Thanks to the worldwide presence and expertise in the high frequency range, testing solutions from INGUN ensure reliable electronic parts and components in the automotive and mobile communi- cation field (both devices and infrastructure such as antennas and base stations), as well as industrial automation. Test equipment for the lower frequency range (up to 6 GHz) is already part of INGUN’s standard portfolio; for the upper frequency range (up to 28 GHz and higher) individual solutions are developed together with the customers.

Reliable contacting, even at borderline frequencies

Radio frequency test probes (HFS) from INGUN are characterised by their high-precision fit for reliably stable contacting of the device under test. They offer excellent performance at high data rates as well as maximum signal quality, even at borderline frequencies. The comprehensive portfolio is supple- mented by the development of individualised test solutions, which can be very compact.

Reliable in-vehicle data transmission

Thanks to transmission rates of 10 Gbit/s and faster, as well as reduced latency, 5G meets the require- ments for comprehensive infotainment in vehicles and for automated driving functions, including au- tonomous driving. This results in large amounts of data that must be transmitted quickly and reliably in the vehicle. INGUN supplies suitable test technology for 5G connectivity, especially for testing plug connectors:

  • The various HFS-802 and HFS-819 radio frequency test probes ensure efficient testing of H- MTD and HSD connectors for high data rates. The probes’ freely movable bearing and an op- tional floating receptacle ensure optimum alignment on the connector under test.
  • The HFS-807 series provides the best radio frequency performance for testing miniature FAKRA connectors, the successors to the popular FAKRA series. These coaxial connectors can be modularly designed with single, double or quadruple housing.

High-level wireless function

INGUN test solutions not only ensure reliable data transfer to and from smart phones, but also guar- antee the efficient continuous operation of base stations and other mobile radio equipment:

  • The HFS-856 is the cost-effective radio frequency probe for measurement, mobile radio and PCBs up to 12 GHz. It can be easily mounted using its flange and has a robust SMA cable inter- face.
  • With the HFS-801, INGUN offers a specialised test probe for base station equipment which has a high quality SK cable interface and offers superb performance, especially at medium fre- quencies.

Miniaturisation: Reliability down to the smallest detail

With newly developed test probes for the most complex demands, INGUN often sets new standards in the market. In particular, these include high-performance, universal and variable solutions in the auto- motive and consumer electronics sectors.

  • The HFS-511 is characterised by consistently high RF performance over the lifetime of the de- vice when testing new types of board-to-board connectors at up to 20 GHz. While the out- standing shielding reduces the influences on the signal, two-stage centring (first outside, then inside) achieves a particularly high-precision fit.
  • The HFS-890 is an all-round high frequency probe which provides stable contacting of PCBs, even when space is limited. It is connected via the high-end SMPM interface and ensures sta- ble performance up to the maximum frequency of the connectors.INGUN already provides the test technology required to continue the 5G success story – more solu- tions for high frequency ranges and specialised applications will follow, or may even currently be un- der development.

Find more information at: www.ingun.com

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Since 1971, INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH has been the reliable partner for innovative products in the field of test equipment and sophisticated testing strategies. Our parts are produced exclusively at the company headquarters in Constance, Germany under the motto Made in Germany. Using a worldwide network of its own locations, as well as agents, INGUN guarantees the highest quality and testing safety for its global customers.