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kolb open house

DATE: Mon 5th October 2020


kolb Cleaning Technlogy – Your process supplier for your cleaning task

For more than 30 years, kolb is a leader known for sustainable innovation and passion for pioneering system solutions in machine cleaning technology in the electronics manufacturing industry – all over the world. Enthusiasm is the engine for us to develop and manufacture products that contribute significantly to the profitability of our customers through our best ideas and skills. kolb offers solutions for all cleaning tasks in the electronics industry 

  • PCBA cleaning 
  • DCB / Power electronics cleaning
  • Screen and Stencil cleaning 
  • Solder and coating carrier cleaning
  • Condensate filter cleaning
  • And more – If it can be cleaned, we can clean it.

A perfect fulfilment of a complex cleaning task is not only dependent on the ideal interaction between cleaning chemistry and cleaning system. The decisive factor is ultimately the process design, the exact orchestration of all partial solutions involved in the cleaning process. The competence in mechanical an in chemical engineering, combined with over 30 years of experience in solving all cleaning tasks in the field of electronics manufacturing, makes us the only supplier in the world who can offer the complete process construct from a single manufacturer: a qualified machine, the ideal chemistry, a detailed elaborated and customized process design and – resulting from this – individually programmed process software. 

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with kolb and explore together with our cleaning experts the optimal process for your individual cleaning task. 


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the international full-service provider of cleaning systems, cleaning chemicals, technology-, process- and software-design. We fulfill your cleaning requirements for PCB assemblies, DCBs, hybrids, ceramic substrates, for screens, stencils, PumpPrints, for solder frames, carriers, condensate filters, cyclones, pipes, for PCB magazines, containers, ESD equipment, ESD areas, for machine parts, production tools, for bulk, turned and milled parts, complex parts