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What’s New in Electronics Open House:

MIRTEC Open House

DATE: Mon 4th May 2020


Why did you choose MIRTEC?

With over 17,000 systems installed throughout the World, and having received a total of 41 Industry Awards for their products and services thus far, MIRTEC is recognized as one of the most Progressive and Dynamic Suppliers of Automated Optical Inspection Equipment to the Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

MIRTEC has earned a solid reputation with leading OEM and EMS companies throughout the world for their TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED Inspection Systems.  MIRTEC products have been extremely successful in high-volume markets including cell phone and MP3 player manufacturing, as well as low-volume high-mix markets such as medical, automotive, aerospace and defense.  The company invests heavily in Research and Development, persistently focused on using state-of-the-art optics, lighting and laser technology in the development of their inspection solutions.

For more information about MIRTEC’s Award-Winning Inspection Technologically please visit:  www.mirtecusa.com.

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MIRTEC, a global leader of technologically advanced inspection systems, is renowned for its exceptional product offering and outstanding customer support. In this presentation, customers explain why they selected MIRTEC as their trusted partner.