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4 May 2020


MicroLED Inspection and Metrology with SQ3000™

Cyberoptics – Video

Micro LEDs developed using Rohinni’s technology can be deployed in consumer electronics devices, automotive applications and outdoor signage, among other applications. The disruptive technology enables products that are brighter, thinner, lighter and more dynamic than those currently on the market, with lower power consumption than LCD or OLED.

4 May 2020


All you need to know about thermal management of Electronics

Electrolube – video

Electrolube’s Jade Bridges explores thermal management of electronic devices, discussing: – Why it is important. – How the affect the reliability and lifespan of the device. – What materials are available. – How to select the right material for your application. – How to apply them efficiently. – Examples of where they have proved effective.

4 May 2020


Why did you choose MIRTEC?


MIRTEC, a global leader of technologically advanced inspection systems, is renowned for its exceptional product offering and outstanding customer support. In this presentation, customers explain why they selected MIRTEC as their trusted partner.

4 May 2020

kyzen open house

Kyzen, Where Science and Care Converge


In 1990, two smart entrepreneurs became friends and then business partners and the world of environmentally responsible cleaning technologies hasn’t been the same since. Dr. Mike Bixenman and Kyle Doyel were both involved in solvent-based solutions, but for very different and distinct industrial manufacturing applications.

4 MAY 2020

zestron open house

IPA was not designed for your cleaning application. Our chemistry is.


When Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is used as a cleaning agent for the PCB assembly line, decreased worker safety, increased evaporative losses, and reduced cleaning effectiveness are factors that are often not considered. ZESTRON offers a wide variety of both water-based and solvent-based IPA alternatives for all areas of electronics cleaning applications. 

4 may 2020

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A Study to Determine the Origins of D-PAK Voiding


We research, develop, and manufacture advanced electronics assembly materials solutions to the challenges of today, tomorrow, and the future. We believe that materials science changes the world.