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Open House 03

1st June 2020

1 June 2020


Early Planning of Cleaning Methods Leads to PCB Manufacturing Success

MicroCare – Video

Best practices in printed circuit board (PCB) design should include considering your cleaning process during initial planning. Partner with a cleaning expert who has conducted cleaning trials with major flux and paste manufacturers. Learn how MicroCare can help you select the best cleaning method and fluids to ensure your manufacturing success.

1 June 2020


An impressive high-quality board marker probe with extremely small dimensions

Ingun – Article

The new board marker probe from INGUN allows PCBs that have been tested and found to be “good” to be marked reliably. This high quality product boasts an impressive compact design and a high degree of flexibility in customization. An exchangeable engraving unit makes replacing worn engraving units quick and easy as tools are not required.

1 June 2020


All you need to know about thermal management of Electronics

Electrolube – video

Electrolube’s Jade Bridges explores thermal management of electronic devices, discussing: – Why it is important. – How the affect the reliability and lifespan of the device. – What materials are available. – How to select the right material for your application. – How to apply them efficiently. – Examples of where they have proved effective.

1 June 2020


Body temperature screening to help combat infection spread

Product Feature

Keep your workplace, staff and guests safe with this easy Body Temperature Screening product. Help combat the spread of infection with the Thermo Vision temperature monitoring system. This non-contact product comes as either a desktop or kiosk version and is a quick, easy and accurate way to measure an individuals body temperature.

1 june 2020


Surface Energy – What is it and how do you measure it?

Humiseal – Video and Blog

During discussions about common defects in conformal coatings related to surface energy issues such as fish eyes, lack of coating coverage, poor bonding and delamination one of the most common questions we are asked is just what surface energy is anyway.

1 june 2020


Kyzen, Where Science and Care Converge

Kyzen – Video

In 1990, two smart entrepreneurs became friends and then business partners and the world of environmentally responsible cleaning technologies hasn’t been the same since. Dr. Mike Bixenman and Kyle Doyel were both involved in solvent-based solutions, but for very different and distinct industrial manufacturing applications.


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