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Open House 04

15th June 2020

15 June 2020


How would you rate MIRTEC’s Customer Service?

MIRTEC – Video

MIRTEC, a global leader of technologically advanced inspection systems, is renowned for its exceptional product offering and outstanding customer support. In this presentation, customers give their views on MIRTEC’s customer service.

15 June 2020


How the right testing technology helps to save lives

INGUN – Article

By providing specialised test solutions for the medical technology field, INGUN supports manufacturers in this demanding industry to achieve the highest product quality and reliability. The test probes and test fixtures used ensure the functional safety of electrical and electronic components and efficient testing processes – complemented by consulting and service worldwide.

15 June 2020


Protective Gels: The Next Level of Protection for Your PCBs

HUMISEAL – Video and Blog

Conformal coating of printed circuit boards (PCBs) has resulted in a steady evolution in performance and protection for modern electronics. It has allowed for lightweight and reliable controls in industries such as automotive and aerospace among others. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and consumers continue to raise their standards and expectations for longevity and reliability to levels unimagined just 10 years ago.

Open House 03

1st June 2020

Open House 02

18 May 2020

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4 May 2020