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Sesys Open House 03

DATE: Mon 1st June 2020


Body temperature screening to help combat infection spread

  • Keep your workplace, staff and guests safe with this easy Body Temperature Screening product.
  • Help combat the spread of infection with the Thermo Vision temperature monitoring system.  This non-contact product comes as either a desktop or kiosk version and is a quick, easy and accurate way to measure an individuals body temperature.
  • With an operating throughput of up to 350 scans per hour
  • Delivering a self-adhesive ‘I’m Okay’ identification sticker for individuals with temperatures under the threshold (default 37.5c).
  • For any person scanning above the threshold, an immediate alert is sent.
  • An optional second screen allows the administrator to monitor and see exactly who is in front of the Thermo Vision
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty (extended warranty available)
Stop and Check – Don’t Infect.
Committed to enhancing wellness in the workplace, breaking the chain of contagion with Thermo Vision.

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SeSys are a UK manufacturer of wireless CCTV, Thermal Cameras and IR Temperature monitoring Systems and hazardous environment (Ex) cameras – the professional choice when reliability and image quality matter.

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